The main objective of renovating a working space is to bring in lots of positivity and enhanced mood with creativity. A vital change could be made by changing the flooring of the area. Any flooring company can help to create beautiful spaces by offering exquisite designs of flooring tiles. Hence renovating old offices to create a favourable working space to accommodate the needs of today’s occupant’s inspiration and efficiency is essential.

Changes in flooring mainly could increase the effectiveness of the employees by enhancing their creative thinking and relationships.  So flooring companies offer a variety of options and guidance’s that can be used to your benefit to improve and inspire the moods of people is very easy to improve the workspace with a few well-guided steps. Renovations do not have to always be expensive, and can also be conducted while on a budget.


Creative Zones and guiding layouts:

  • Office environment influences the employees positively or negatively. People do better when the workspace is blissful, and that makes it easy for them to focus on their core work with little or no distractions.
  •    Floorings can be a fantastic tool for guiding employees and guests through an open workspace as they give a right facelift to any office.
  • Floorings denote the type of activity within that room. The rustic weathered look gives a feel of the casual environment, while metallic and abstract designs are suited for industrial settings. Consider the style of flooring carefully according to the needs of business planned.
  • Choice of colours is crucial for office design as these have effects on the mood of people. Bold colours may pep up an individual. Hence selection of minimal look to show off creative designs can blend well.
  • Focus on creating the visual effect with different colours and patterns that appeal to both customers and employees.
  • Colour and branding of the floor can make an impact on the look and feel of your entire office, hence do not compromise on quality and lifespan of tiles.
  • Endurance is an important choice to avoid future repairs. Look for the best option that will survive busy schedules as the flooring needs to withstand the pressure of constant use.
  • Go for a choice of excellent durable carpeting with a lower life-cycle cost.
  • Most employees spend more time in the office than at home; hence, overemphasized floors are to be avoided to reduce distraction. The impression created attracts customers, so a perfect flooring with additional insulation to make the office sound proof should be considered.


Types of floorings:

  • Hard Wood Floorings: These are popular for endurance where a resource for space is limited, yet the vintage look makes it attractive for business ventures.  There are varieties such as modern wood floorings, a favourite of kitchen design specialists Spaces, parquet flooring, traditional, and distressed wood floorings.
  • Laminated floorings:  These are more inexpensive alternatives to wood, tiles or stones. The lamination process fuses two or more types of materials that resealed together.  They are easy to maintain and durable. These are fine for spills created by things like mini ovens.
  • Architectural Tiles:  Ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles fall under this category. They are usually long lasting, while glass tiles are water and stain resistant.
  • Vinyl Floorings: Popular for commercial floors as they are resistant to damages, durable, scratch-proof, and are available in different colours and shades.
  • Natural Floor Coating:  Is a new product that is decorative, comfortable, energy saving, keeps the floor warm even in winter and is cost-effective. It is applied, smoothed and wax finished.

Advantages are:

o Easy to apply,

o Durable,

o 100% natural,

o Anti-allergic,

o Anti-bacterial,

o Antiseptic,

o Easy to clean

o Repairable.

  • Stone Flooring:  These are of natural stones, beautiful and stylish.  The types range from granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine to slate stone or tiles.
  • Rubber Flooring:  Ideal for crowded or high traffic spaces. It is durable, resistant to water and heat, easy maintenance and comfortable to walk on, secure grip and absorbs sound. These are available in a variety of textures and colours.
  • Carpets and Carpet tiles: This flooring is a noise insulator. While carpets get easily stained, the carpet tiles provide more flexibility as they can be replaced individually without any mess. The shape remains flat on the floor without doming or buckling.


Additional improvements for Productivity:

  • Add Paintings, artwork, terracotta items or pictures that stimulate joy.
  • Repaint your walls with light or vivid colours.
  • Changing the doors, fresh decorative curtains, or blinds.
  • Add colour through stylish chairs.
  • Add decorative lighting with enhanced ceilings.
  • Standing desks well lit, perfect for every area.
  • Desk organizers, air purifiers, sprays add up to the place.