To keep your premises safe and operational, a qualified and fully trained electrician is essential. 

These points will help you narrow your choices to choose the best electrician according to your needs. 

  • License and Insurance– While shortlisting, make sure the person is a licensed electrician. Licensing ensures that they have attained the required qualification and have adequate experience to perform the job efficiently. Check the license to understand the type of work they have mastered, and to select the right person for the right job. It is of no use if you finalize a commercial electrician with technical knowledge about internal circuits, for a home development project. The electrician also must have insurance and should be credited with the local board. 
  • Punctuality – Punctuality is essential in an electrician. Electricians are responsible for all the major wiring work in a place. If you are hiring someone for your business or home, you would, essentially, be placing your life and the lives of your employees in his/ her hands. A punctual person takes his/ her work seriously and is responsive to detailing and feedback. Electricians arriving late to the workplace could be sloppy or tardy and may skip crucial points.
  • Pocket-friendly– Many good quality electricians offer their services for a competitive fee. Opt for an electrician with an affordable, fair, and transparent pricing policy. This policy implies that there shouldn’t be any hidden cost for the services offered. Also, the taxes applicable should be noted down in writing before the service. 
  • Qualified and trained personnel– An electrician should be qualified so that he/she has adequate knowledge of all electrical equipment. Similarly, the electrician should be experienced and well trained to identify faults and provide proper electrical solutions. Choose a master electrician with at least three years of experience. This, in turn, guarantees a high standard of quality and safety. While hiring the electrician, let him/her know that you want energy-saving and cost-effective products installed. 
  • Friendly attitude– An electrician should make the customer feel comfortable. He should be warm and work according to the Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. Depending on the job and time needed, he should be ready to provide extra service if required. 
  • Professionalism– The electrician you hire should be professional at all times. He/ she should be neat and tidy, respectful, and should maintain the highest standards of professional conduct with other workers. Some also offer a warranty/ guarantee on work done, wherever possible. While this is not the norm, you could make relevant enquiries.
  • Reviews – Past customers and clients review most electricians in the UK on social media and local networks. Before making a decision, you should always check all the reviews. While some may seem biased, a fair number would be genuine and authentic. Ethical and reviewed electricians have a fair pricing policy. They do not overcharge for any of their services, instead, comply with the market standards. 
  • Quotation – He should provide a written quote of services. This adds to their reliability and goodwill. A written quote makes future claims easy. It also helps you measure the deliverables in the event of a delay. Try receiving at least three quotes from different electricians before finalizing one. 
  • Impeccable services – Select an electrician who can provide a myriad of services. Starting from 24 hour emergency service, rewiring, fault finding, smoke/heat detection, periodical services for electrical checks, to testing of electrical appliances, inspection and repairs. Competent electricians provide all the services that you need.
  • 24-hour emergency service– An electrician service is considered efficient if he/she is available for 24×7 emergencies. This way, electrical problems at night can be resolved without a loss of property or life.
  • Provision for upgrades– The enhancements in the present UK voltage and daily load increase in your home and shops are causing a significant impact on your wiring. The electrician must be able to work with these upgrades. This would drive out the expense of rewiring. 
  • Honest advice– An electrician who gives candid information on the best practices for your home or business would be ideal. 
  • Reference– A good electrician should provide past references of clients. If you have a small job that needs fixing, this might not matter much. However, if you are planning to outsource the entire electrical project of a residence, or commercial building, you should check for previous references. 

In a nutshell, an electrician in Hove must fulfil the above standards and should be able to handle all aspects of the installations.